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Concerto No. 9 BWV 1060 
Triple Concerto BWV 1044
Orchestral Suite BWV 1067
Concerto BWV 1055a

Supersonic Pizzicato Award 2016

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The composer, organist and violinist Johann Zach came from Bohemia, worked as conductor of the Court Orchestra in Mainz from 1745 to 1756 and spent the last 17 years of his life travelling half-way round Europe. His favourite place to stay was the Cistercian Monastery in Stams in the Upper Inn Valley of the Tyrol and it is here that the largest repository in the world of original source material by Zach is situated today. The musical language of the instrumental concertos is very modern for the period in which it was written and typically “pre-classical”. Zach’s unconventional personal style is unmistakable. 

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Vivaldi immortalised the Ospedale della Pietà in Venice. However, we aren’t talking here about one of the magnificent opera houses or one of the prestigious court orchestras of which there were many in Europe at this time, but rather an orphanage. Vivaldi wrote for an ensemble of orphaned girls for whom a sound education was supposed to open the door to an appropriate career and, last but not least, offer the opportunity of concluding a respectable marriage. However, word of the exceptional abilities of Vivaldi’s girl students soon got around and the orchestra of the Ospedale attracted visitors from all sectors of society, as well as many European countries. The virtuosity and powers of expression exemplified by these musicians is reflected in the works that Vivaldi wrote for them.

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