Barocksolisten MünchenBarocksolisten München :: Ensemble auf historischen Instrumenten

Baroque music is fascinating! As a newly founded ensemble, we want to offer our audience the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of the baroque. You can look forward to new, surprising sounds and experiences, exciting encounters with the emotional world of people in the baroque period, virtuosity and brilliant interpretations – played on historic instruments from the 18th century.

“Give to every instrument/as much as it can take/Thus has every player fun/for you delight ’twill make.”   
(Georg Philipp Telemann)

This quotation from Georg Philipp Telemann sums up in a nutshell what the recently founded Munich Baroque Soloists are all about. Baroque compositions were designed to fit the musical instruments of the period, with all their different characteristics and tonal possibilities, like a glove. And so the musicians want to demonstrate what Telemann meant by that quotation.   

What awaits our audiences is a complete immersion in the world of the baroque. You see, the Munich Baroque Soloists believe that, when one encounters so-called “early music”, it is essential to engage with the emotional world of people in the baroque period. It is vital to understand the roles played by composer, public and musician in the baroque and classical periods in a historically-informed way. So, for example, in concerts new sounds are awaiting discovery; things that have never been heard before are going to surprise the audience. The musicians themselves play on historic instruments, i.e. either original instruments or suitable copies from the 17th and 18th centuries. The ensemble consists of a string section with a single instrument to each part, one or two oboes, flute, bassoon and a modern copy of a historic harpsichord. With resources such as these, they can perform solo concertos and chamber music by both well-known and rarely-heard composers employing various different combinations of instruments. The Munich Baroque Soloists have decided to devote themselves to performing virtuoso solo concertos from the baroque, Sturm und Drang and classical periods. Their repertoire ranges from Vivaldi, Fasch and the Bach family to Haydn and Mozart.