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Hans im Glück – Johann Adolf Hasse, triumphal journey round Europe

Johann Adolf Hasse’s triumphal journey round Europe began in Italy: after scoring his first successes in Hamburg and Brunswick the “divino Sasso” lived in Naples for a few years. Johann Joachim Quantz visited him there in 1725, reporting that Hasse was being taught by Alessandro Scarlatti and was a close friend of his. In Naples Hasse quickly rose to become the most popular opera composer in the city and was soon celebrating great successes in Venice as well. In 1730 he married the famous singer Faustina Bordoni whose singing was inextricably linked to the success of Hasse’s stage works.
Even later on after he had been appointed “Conductor to the King of Poland and Elector of Saxony” in 1733, Hasse maintained his contacts with the scene in Italy while working on projects in various European cities such as Vienna, London, Paris and Warsaw and regularly returned there for opera productions.
Our programme concentrates on Hasse’s instrumental music, giving an example of the context in which he was working in Italy, especially his earlier years: Hasse’s music is presented alongside works by his Italian teacher Alessandro Scarlatti and music by colleagues such as Albinoni, Vivaldi and Ferrandini.

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