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Twinset –Two’s Better than One

Double Concertos by Bach, Brescianello, Heinichen, Fasch, Reichenauer & Vivaldi

John Florio’s dictionary (1611) gives the following translation of the Italian word “concertare”: “to proportion or accord together, to agree or tune together, to sing or play in consort.”
In a double concerto the two soloists are twins, tightly interwoven, and yet at the same time competitors, sometimes taking part in a virtuoso contest and at others in a harmonious dialogue. The sonorities of the various different families of instruments are explored in a huge variety of ways, being played off against each other and then brought together again – a contest between good friends!
Our programme offers a colourful mix of double concertos, not just “classics” by Bach or Vivaldi, but also rarely heard works by Reichenauer, Heinichen, Fasch and Brescianello.

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